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Welcome to Round One of the Riverdale Kinkmeme!

The complete set of rules can be found HERE

In short
  • Stay Anonymous
  • Depiction =/= Endorsement
  • Keep your prompts short
  • Warn for spoilers
  • CNTW
  • Round will close at 5,000 comments

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to hit me up in Ask a Mod

Please link your fills on the fill post. Also feel free to add them to the AO3 collection

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From: (Anonymous)
Hal flips out when he finds out Betty is sleeping with a Southside Serpent's son (though she doesn't have to actually be sleeping with Jughead; Hal just assumes she is or is about to). He's not about to have both his daughters knocked up with lowlifes' babies. The only way to prevent it is if he knocks up Betty himself.

(Optional plot twist: Betty is not really his child so it's not technically incest. Maybe Betty is FP's child so Hal justifies what he's doing as "saving" Betty from incest.)

Don't want Betty to like it at any point, even in a Stockholm Syndrome way. Whether Hal succeeds at getting her pregnant is up to you.
From: (Anonymous)
OP, how would you feel if I also included some spanking?
From: (Anonymous)
OP here. Spanking would be amazing! So excited you're considering this!!

FILL: The Things We Do (NC-17, rape and incest)

Date: 2017-06-03 03:07 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11078313

It's a few minutes past curfew when Betty gets home, streetlights washing out the front steps of the home she grew up in. Jughead stands on the sidewalk, smirk tugging at his lips and eyes dark.

Betty can't stop herself from raising a hand to her own kiss-swollen mouth. Tonight's the first time he's worn the Serpents jacket though it's been two weeks since she stood there and watched it be presented to him. The leather looks good on him. She knows he'll wait at the end of the Cooper's lawn until she's inside, so Betty finally turns around after blowing him a kiss.

She takes her shoes off at the base of the tree, even though they're only flats, in an effort to be as quiet as possible. It makes climbing easier. Polly has been restless at night for the past week and Betty doesn't want to disturb her if she's actually sleeping. As she crawls in over the threshold, she remembers that Polly and her mom are spending the night two towns over for Polly's appointment with the best pre-natal doctor their mother could find; never let anyone believe Alice Cooper doesn't get the best care available.

She slides inside carefully, presses the window shut until she hears the latch click quietly nonetheless. It's probably good practice for later, Betty thinks she'll probably be sneaking in more often now that summer's almost here. Betty stands at the panes for a moment longer, watching Jughead walk down the sidewalk. His ever-present beanie is askew from when her hands were in his hair not five minutes earlier and the sight makes her giggle.

The laughter dies suddenly when the light in the corner of her room comes on without warning. It's not on an automatic timer and Betty is frightened at someone being in her room. Betty spins around and blinks rapidly, eyes adjusting to the bright glow.

Her dad sits in the chair at her vanity set, jaw set with tension and eyes hard in a way Betty saw once before when her Mom dragged her The Register and shattered the window with a brick.

"Dad!" Betty cries out, surprised. She thought - in fact, she had counted on - him being in the basement or in the kitchen or at the very least, not in her bedroom when she snuck back in after a date night at Pop's and a movie on Jughead's laptop with shared headphones over milkshakes.

"Why is there a Southside Serpent dropping you off past curfew, Betty?"

Betty can feel the heat of her blush; she doesn't feel her nails dig into her palms as her fists clench. "His name is Jughead, he's my friend." She swallows before admitting the next part. "In fact, he's my boyfriend." It's not like she and Juggie have sat down and talked about it, using labels and the like, but Betty knows how she feels and she thinks that Jughead, for all his stoic exterior and rare smiles, wouldn't object to her possessiveness of him in this moment. Her hands tremble but she relaxes at the thought. Boyfriend. It has a nice sound to it.

"Absolutely not." Her dad grits out, teeth clenched like he's holding back worse words. "No daughter of mine is going to date a gangbanger who's going to knock her up the first chance he gets. I will not have two pregnant daughters under this roof thanks to young men who have no sense of responsibility."

Betty is unsure what to refute first and in the end, it doesn't matter. She blinks and her father is standing right in front of her, hand wrapped around her wrist. His grip is too tight, and it only tightens further when Betty tries to pull away.

"What are you doing? Let me go! Dad!" Betty yells, yanking her arm away best she can. It's a fruitless endeavor.

Her father twists her arm up, marches her across the room and shoves her down onto the bed. Onto her bed. Betty's stomach drops, bile rising as the hem of her dress is pushed up.

Her dad - Hal, her mind supplies, because she can't call him dad when he's acting like this. Not when he's going to - Betty's mind halts in her tracks. Hal is leaning over her, speaking into her ear so she can't miss a single word. One hand is still clutching her arm at a painful angle, the other is stroking the soft skin of her right thigh. "You want that snake to look at you like this? You want his hands on you, touching you? You know that's how it starts, don't you Betty? Just ask your sister."

His hand leaves her and comes down with a sharp smack on her bottom. Betty yelps in surprise. Hal's hand hits her again and again, making Betty tear up. She hasn't been spanked since she was a child and even then, it only happened twice. This feels worse than her hazy childhood memories, bottom burning and letting Betty know she should be careful sitting down tomorrow in a booth at Pop's. If she even can sit down. She's lost in her thoughts but she can imagine what Hal's saying: she missed curfew, she's dating no-good lowlife South Side trash, Jughead will only bring trouble to her life, to the Coopers, to the family's reputation and they obviously can't have that happen since Polly and Jason have done all of that already.

Hal stops, apparently satisfied with what he sees. Betty doesn't dare move her head from her pale pink bedspread, afraid if she draws his attention that he'll be spurred to do something worse.

It doesn't matter because then Hal is pulling down her panties, light blue cotton with white flowers on the border. Betty can feel them hanging off one ankle as Hal shoves her further up the bed. He covers her body with his own as she shakes her leg just enough to slip the panties onto the floor, shakes off the last barrier she had.

Hal's body is heavy over hers, pressing her down into her childhood bed. He uses a knee to part her legs and he isn't gentle about it. Betty hears the metal of a belt buckle and stifles a sob against her pillowcase. It smells faintly of the lavender sachet her mother keeps tucked in the linen closet. This is really happening to her.

"You haven't given me any other choice, Elizabeth Cooper." Hal's words slip into her ear and he's breathing hard. "I couldn't bear to see you carry the child of a snake, of someone less than you."

Betty still can't move, frozen in fear but at yet another dig to Jughead who isn't even in the room to defend himself, she unthaws and snaps.

"He isn't less than me! He's brilliant, and loyal and so kind." Betty shrieks. "Jughead is more of a man-" She's cut off by a stinging slap to her very sore bottom. Her hands are bloody from her nails digging in, her mind supplies dizzily as she feels the familiar sensation of wetness trickling down her fingers.

"Jughead Jones," her father muses, straddling her now. She can feel the hairs on his legs brush against her thighs. "Your mom used to be good friends with the scum who begat him. Maybe this will also be a favor, what I'm doing here. You could be related and then where would I be? I'd be left with a deformed grandchild and all of Riverdale would know the truth whenever they set eyes on the bastard."

Betty sobs anew as Hal disavows her in the next diatribe, the same man who taught her how to check the oil in a car when she was still standing on a step stool to see into the engine block.

She doesn't think she's ever felt this anxious. She wants the night to be over. She can't think about his words, that she and her boyfriend might have a closer relationship than that.

"Yes," Hal says decisively. His breath is hot against her neck and his body is so heavy. She thinks she'll be able to feel his weight even when everything is done. "I'm saving you from making a big mistake, sleeping with a hoodlum who's probably your brother. He can't knock you up if you're already pregnant."

Betty tries vainly to ascertain if her father is drunk. It's the only explanation for what he's saying. She hears the sound of skin on skin, and it makes her stomach twist further to realize he's not hard enough to penetrate her.

Then she feels him against her core, blunt and so warm. He's big, seemingly bigger than the length of Jughead, whose cock she's only touched once in the low lights of FP's trailer.

"No, Dad!" She begs. "Please, please don't! I haven't done this before, please!" The words tumble from her lips but Betty can't hear what she's saying over the roaring in her own ears.

Hal presses forward and Betty grasps the covers in her shaking hands. If she lets her nails press into her hands any further, she fears they might go through to the bone.

Hal presses forward and Betty keens. It's dry and too big and it hurts. It hurts so much. He withdraws and Betty sobs, shoulders shaking.

She can't look behind her, keeping her eyes squeezed shut and face pressed against the pillow. She can hear him spitting and then his cock returns, pushing into her.

He's rough, fingers grasping at her hip hard enough that Betty knows she'll have bruises. Every slap of his body against her abused flesh sends sparks of pain to her brain but it's nothing compared to the forceful thrusting.

Betty hears noises in the room as Hal continues fucking into her and lifts her head blearily from her bed. She can't see anything with all the tears running unchecked but she wonders idly if a small animal is outside in the tree before she realizes the noises are coming from her. Betty can't stop the small whimpers even if she wanted to. There might be words mixed in, more begging that falls on deaf ears but Betty couldn't say for sure.

Hal's frantic movements slow and he pulls almost all the way out before slamming back in. Betty's cries are caught in her throat as he gentles in stark contrast to his earlier movements.

"I'm close, Betty." Hal growls and Betty can't process the words even as he pushes further into her body, sudden warmth flooding her womb without her say-so.

Betty moans as he pulls out for the final time and drops her slack body to the bed. She feels so dirty, used and cheap and in a disgusting way, empty. Some small part of her is glad she didn't come though she knows if she had, it wouldn't have been a sign that she enjoyed what happened but that her body had a biological response to the friction.

She can feel Hal's weight move, finally letting her breathe as he shifts off her body and stands from the bed. Betty's lower half feels like it's been set on fire, burning from the roughness and the dulled ache of the spanking and the sex itself because oh yeah, she had been a virgin just a few hours earlier. Her dress is still rucked up around her waist. Betty makes no move to straighten it out.

Hal stares at her silently as she slowly finds the willpower to curl into a ball. Her hands are still clutching the bedspread, stuck together with dried blood and seized muscles. Betty doesn't care at the moment.

"Get out," she whispers and her throat isn't as raw as she thought it would be after all the crying she had done. "You got what you wanted, Dad."

He takes a few steps and her bedroom door opens, hinges creaking because her mother likes to know if she's left her bedroom during the afternoons where Betty says she's studying in her room. "We'll know for sure in nine months, Betty. Don't worry yourself about what to do if tonight didn't take. There's always tomorrow!" His voice is almost cheery and Betty can feel her gorge rise. "Your mother and Polly aren't coming back until late so we'll have the whole day together." The door shuts behind him and his words hang in the air like a promise.

Betty is surprised she still has tears left inside of her but she cries herself to sleep.
From: (Anonymous)
OP here and I can't thank you enough. This is everything I wanted including some stuff I didn't even specify like the spanking and Betty being a virgin before the rape. It was just so well done and I ended up feeling so bad for Betty which was the exact vibe I was hoping for. Thank you!!!
From: (Anonymous)
Thank you for commenting, and so quickly after I posted the fill!
I'm glad you enjoyed it, what a hell of a prompt.


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